about us

Management Team


Dato’ Law Hong Soon, Commissioner Police(R)

Dato Law had served Royal Malaysian Police for over 38 years and retired with the rank of Commissioner of Police. He had extensive security experience having served in many capacity including Special Branch, Serious Crime Division of CID, Commander of General Operation Force and Deputy Commissioner of Police, Sarawak, Deputy Chief Police Officer of Kuala Lumpur and Deputy Director of CID in charge of Investigations and Prosecution at Federal Police Headquarters.Dato Law holds a Diploma in Police Science from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and have attended many specialized courses, among others are
Hostage Negotiation in Louisiana USA, Senior Police Administrator Course in Japan, Advanced Management Course in New Mexico, USA, 11th UN Congress on Crime Prevention in Bangkok, Thailand and Law Enforcement Joint Management in Sri Lanka.


Managing Director

Datuk T.S. Yong

TS was a holder of Justice of Peace (JP) appointment, Commandant of Police Volunteer Reserve of Sabah Contingent, and Lieutenant of Malaysian Territorial Army Regiment 507 in earlier years. He also holds an MSc in Management from Asia e University Malaysia and was conferred
Honorary MSc (International Relations) by Universiti Malaysia Sabah. As a Permanent Member of Harvard University Cooperative USA and Life Member of the Harvard Business School Alumni of Malaysia, he has completed OPM 19 (Executive Management Program) and served as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between 2011-2015 by political appointment.


Dr. Azmi Bin Mohd, SAC (R), EX-MACC

Dr.Azmi has 26 years of working experience in MACC. During his tenure, Dr. Azmi is a subject matter expert in corruption investigation, prosecution, prevention, transnational corruption investigation and forensic integrity. Dr. Azmi is currently a Research Fellow in Asia e University and is a frequent speaker for government ministries, agencies and government link companies.