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iFREE Security Limited

Empowering Smart Security


Our security services and solutions are a fusion of research and innovation, field experience and technological integration, orchestrated by world-class management practices. Our team of security experts is equipped with at least 35 years of industry knowledge and expertise, each leading and excelling in various areas covering policing and law enforcement, anti-crime and corruption, as well as military and intelligence services. What makes us different is our commitment to deliver quality and excellence for clients and partners.




Our vision is to become the pioneering technological innovator in the security sector, which is to lead improvements and make a difference across global markets. We aim to be known as the ultimate disruptor by forming strong strategic alliances with governments and organizations to develop the most reliable and innovative security solutions that can benefit all.




Our first priority is to provide the utmost security services and innovative solutions to safeguard our client’s network, in conjunction with bulletproof strategies and a big data approach to minimize risk and threats for maximum safety and peace of mind.




What makes us different is our commitment to integrity, quality and excellence. We always strive to deliver the best services and solutions with unprecedented values for clients, partners, stakeholders and investors.


About iFREE Group


The iFREE Group team is made up of outstanding talent drawn from a diverse range of fields, including communications, management consulting and investment services. Together they are responsible for business development, operational research, software development, hardware solutions, and marketing and sales. Our team has developed a business model that allows global businesses and a huge cross-section of individual users to communicate more easily and securely, wherever in the world they may be.